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Published on: March 5, 2011

Since it’s the weekend and the Attorneys That Be aren’t feeling particularly sadistic, I’ve actually got the day off. Like a normal person. So this is where I try to, as Johnny Mercer sang to us, accentuate the positive. I am a true believer that any given day can be stranger than fiction… and it may just put a smile on your face. Charlie Sheen has made me laugh more times in this past week than probably all his movies. I know some of you think he’s lost his mind while some of you think it’s an act. Personally, I think he’s hit some sort of transcendental moment of having the celeb status all his life as well as having a far-leftist dad whose teachings and actions have saturated poor Chuck’s life (Martin Sheen still holds the record for top celebrity with most political protest arrests) have set his blender on frappe. He’s not psycho. Trust me. He’s fucking funny. Since he’s now saturated every TV talk show and magazine cover, I’d like to hear what you guys think of him.

I’d also like to think I’m an observer of my environment. In a town where Point A to Point B is an utter race and everyone on the street focuses on their next step, never looking up, I like to take in what’s going on around me. People tend to miss this stuff. This is especially true when you are stuck in your own ‘iPod Bubble.’ But when you look up and around, remembering you are in fact a member of this environment, you catch the unique and often hilarious things that nobody else is watching, making you feel like the sole, candid audience.

As an example, I give you Balto Bowler, some guy I taped in my own covert iPhone video ways on the Baltimore public transit:



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