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Published on: April 29, 2011

So, in recognition of the work horses that we paralegals are (as well as the secretaries and other extraneous, non-lawyer staff), the firm has been throwing us a big hoo-rah the last few days for Administrative Appreciation Week. Although this really only last three days and not an entire week, I’ll cut them some slack, nobody in our firm can keep their attention away from work for long periods of time.

So, the first day, it was free breakfast. The net day, we got cupcakes. But, honestly we were all actually surprised when we received our “surprise” at the end of the festivities. Our firm gave us swag. Now when you think swag, you think envelope openers, USB drives, or styrofoam stress balls with a company’s name on it. Some object that was thought about in a hurry that would put your firm’s name out there but consequently never made it to the marketing department. How many people are going to see my new Tweedle Dee and Dum LLP staple remover? Oh, that’s right. Me.

However, we were all very amazed to see that they shelled out a good amount of money on some pretty rocking fleece vests. Now, everybody on the team is wearing them, which is kind of funny since it completely goes against the whole “please dress like you would if by chance you happen upon a client on the way to the restroom” mentality of the firm. But, if it goes against corporate conformity, then hell yeah.

So, I came up with a fantastic idea. Since I’ve never really noticed much of a teamwork-building atmosphere here, I suggested that we should try one concerning our new swag. I sent an email out to the paralegal team saying that we should start earning flair for good deeds and begin to put them on our vests so we can wear them with pride around the office. Not only will the attorneys visibly see how hard we work for them, but I think it’d make our team have a *terrific smile*.


Don't find yourself having a case of the Mondays, now!


One Random Note: In order to get that pic, I had to go through some trouble because my firm has specifically blocked all searches for the movie “Office Space.”

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